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MAJOR Updates since last session (4/11/15):

Cyre (Major Update 4/12)
The Day of Mourning (4/12)
Post-War (4/12)
The Mournland (4/12)
The Treaty of Thronehold (4/12)
The Last War (replacing The War, 4/12)
Thronehold (4/12)
House Cannith (Major Update 4/12)
Warforged (Major Update 4/12)
House Lyrandar (Major Update 4/12)
The Circle of Thirteen (Major Update 4/12)

Too many minor updates to list here, pushing every wiki page forward into the present day.

- A big THANK YOU to all of you for sticking through this MAJOR part of the campaign! I know it must have been difficult building characters and reading up on the story while working in flashback mode (and with a newbie DM, to boot), but I hope you had a lot of fun getting there!

- So what happens next will, in part, be up to you. The entire party, with Hara, escaped the Circle’s ritual, as well as the Mourning, together and (mostly) unscathed. I’m not expecting to write any more encounters or quests between the Day of Mourning and the present day, so in order to get you all into position for the next session we’ll need to have a few conversations about what the party would do next. Would it split up? Stay together? Would it continue its hunt for the Circle, or would it focus on getting Khorvaire back on its feet following the War? Does everyone want to keep their characters, or would any of them decide it’s best to move on?

Ultimately, my plans for the next phase of the campaign are nebulous at best. Therefore, I’m not planning to maneuver you into a “must-be-here” location or a “must-be-doing” background. This point, more than any, will be EXTREMELY mutual in its planning, and I’m very much looking forward to it.

- In the meantime, expect HUGE amounts of updates here on the Obsidian Portal site. Beyond adding new pages to deal with implications of the Last War and of your encounters (Day of Mourning, Treaty of Thronehold, Circle of Thirteen, etc), every wiki page will be re-written in post-War verbiage. I’ll also focus on putting additional detail into previously-light pages, depending on what you choose to do with the party’s post-War plans.

- More than ever, if anyone has any other wiki pages they would like to see, any character pages created or updated, or any bio-centric characters or wikis not associated with the first mission (Morgaine’s adopted parents, Berien’s sister, a list of Daphne’s various personae) let me know and I’ll do my best to pull something together. I will, of course, debrief you on any information you could provide before I make up my own information. Additionally, you should all have access to creating your own wiki pages, so if you would like to create a wiki or NPC related to your own character’s history, you’re more than welcome.

The Last Days

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