The Last Days

Mission's End

Newthrone, Eston, and the Cock & Hawk


- Group arrived in Newthrone and met with Wind Whisperer contact at Cock & Hawk, a harbor bar.
- Conflict arose between representative, Morgaine, and Dorn regarding true purchaser of the plans.
- During the fight that ensued, Morgaine handed a dagger to Whisperer contact to give to Prince Koulton Brightwind
- After battle, group was approached by “Winged Flame” Hara Drosten, bearing news about Berien’s sister, Adeline, and mentor, Tyrean d’Cannith
- Explained the involvement of a mystery group known as The Circle of Thirteen, or the Masks of Eberron
- Group teleports to Eston, where they hand off the plans to House Cannith before preparing for their coming conflict with the Circle



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