The Last Days

Shargon's Teeth

Bears, Hyenas, and a Monkey

- Aboard the Scarlet Fury (name pending), party began to learn how to be sailors
- At Three Barrel Cove, Morgaine Boushant bought a monkey for Zatz‘s birthday and Kadentoma bought a bunch of animals for dinner.
- The party learned that Altheda, one of the members of the Circle of Thirteen, had hired a ship and crew to search for a Siberys dragonshard which had landed in Shargon’s Teeth, a maze of islands and reefs east of the village.
- Hiring a navigator, the party sailed the Fury (name pending) through the Teeth, making their way through a heavy storm in the process
- Arriving at the island, Berien Collier convinced the rival crew to let them pass onto the island without incident.
- On the island, however, an incident happened. A pirate and a giant hyena fought the party, but were quickly dispatched.
- Climbing the mountain, the party came upon a cave bear and two hawks. The hawks were soundly defeated, and the bear thrown from the cliff. Still alive, he nearly ate the still-alive (but bound) pirate, but was shot down from above before starting his meal.
- The climb continues…



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