The Last Days

The Hideout

Behirs, Warforged, and Elementals


- After shopping for new equipment, group, with Hara, proceeds to a hidden ruin outside Eston.
- Inside cavern, group encounters a young behir, but quick-thinking Diplomacy avoids any battle, and they make their way into the ruins through a secret passage. Hara leaves them, exploring another part of the cave through nearly impenetrable cracks.
- In the first room they come upon, group battles warforged and Iron Defender constructs. After defeating them, further investigation reveals that the living constructs were somehow repurposed to become nearly mindless guardians.
- In the next room, a sharp-eyed Morgaine Boushant disarms a spinning blade trap, but the rest of the group wakes up a pack of Dust Devils, wind/earth hybrid elementals.
- After the victory, the group levels up and moves on…



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