The Last Days

The Mission Revealed

Gungnir, Manbo, and a Dragon

- Party continued their journey through the Dhakaani ruins
- After triggering a false door trap, party journeyed up to the first level, where they met two members of the Circle of Thirteen: Manbo and Gungnir.
- Pair announces their peaceful intentions, and gives the following information to the party about the Circle:
– The Circle of Thirteen, also known as the Masks, are a powerful group of Dragonmarked individuals united under the tenets of Halas Tarkanan, the leader of the Abberantmarked armies of the War of the Mark, fought 500 years before the founding of Galifar.
– The Circle was founded under the belief that dragonmarks, despite their power, are being held back from their true place in society. The Korth Edicts keep them from holding any place of official power, the Houses are primarily hereditary organizations, and everyone agrees that Aberrant-marked individuals are lesser beings. The Masks wish to reverse these systems.
– A circle of equals, however, can lead to differences of opinion. While some wish for true equality between all Dragonmarks and their unmarked neighbors, others believe them to be superior, and work to overthrow Khorvaire’s governments, and possibly eradicate all non-Marked individuals. Manbo & Gungnir turn to the party for their help in overthrowing the Circle.
– Party learns the locations of two Masks: Dola is raising dangerous creatures in The Eldeen Reaches, and Altheda searches for a Dragonshard in the islands of northern Xen’Drik.
Berien Collier also learns his sister, Adeline, was taken by Sangoma, who believes she is potentially The Next, a reincarnation of Tarkanan.
- After pair departs, party fights skeletons and shadows before finding the Daelkyr artifact, a circlet which Morgaine takes for her own. This triggers a reanimated dragon to attack the party, but they are able to escape before much damage is done.



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