The Last Days

Tradewind, Brightwind, and Aboleth

The Attack Begins

Adventure Log Coming Soon…


- Arrived at Tradewind
- Dined w/ Koulton Brightwind @ his headquarters
- Discussed infiltration and escape plans:
– After destruction of Project Aboleth facility in Valenar, group will cross over into Q’Barra where they will find a friend of The Wind Whisperers in the city of Newthrone.
– This representative would provide the group with the sigil sequence for a secure Teleportation Circle in Eston, Cyre, to complete their mission.
- That evening, Morgaine received a visitor…
- …and Berien received a letter.
- After resupply, group set off for Valenar.
- While on their journey, Dorn provided XVIII with a new piece of equipment, and also revealed to the group that she pocketed one of the Dragonshards from Turnabout Island, which she would refine into something more powerful.
- Arriving at Aboleth, Daphne attempted to masquerade as the ship’s captain, and succeeded to a point.
- Broke the elemental containment on the ship, freeing the elementals to wreak havoc on the base.
- Group defeated the dockworkers, and the session ended as they entered the facility…



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