The Last Days

War's End

Undead, Masks, and Cactus Horses

- Delving deeper into the ruins, group fought undead, giant ants, and krenshars
- Discovered armory with a new hammer, an elven chain shirt, and a magic climbing rope
- Intruded on the Circle of Thirteen’s ritual just as things started going wrong
- Most Circle members escaped, while two were killed by the portal and dimensional marauder that came out of it, while two others, in a black mask and a goat mask, stayed to fight
- Kaden, Morgaine, and Zatz defeated goat mask, and held off two fell taints, an anthropomorphic badger, and a cactus horse, all of which came out of the portal, long enough for Berien, Daphne, and Hara to shut down the magical pillars protecting the portal and the dragonmark-covered man controlling it.
- Portal then sucked the dimensional intruders back in, along with its controller. The group saw the edge of a large metal saucer begin to come through the portal before it closed itself down to a few inches wide. A strange grey mist began to pour from it, quickly filling the room.
- Using the randomly-shifting teleportation circles around the room, the party, along with Drosten, linked hands and escaped before the mist could overwhelm them, landing in in the middle of a battle between Cyran and Karrnathi forces. The same mist came in from the west, quickly overwhelming the battlefield. The group joined the stampede of soldiers escaping the gas, finding safety only after they crossed the Cyre/Karrnath border.
- The War is over…



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