Half-Orc Dragonmarked Opportunist


Name: Dorn
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Orc
Class: Artificer
Dragonmark: Mark of Finding

Implement is an altered quarterstaff. The base is metal, tapering to a chisel/pry bar point. The top is a heavy piston-style device, allowing for a more powerful impact when Dorn uses the staff, along with her force powers, to chisel away rock.

Image courtesy of Pathfinder via Paizo


Born in what was originally the land of Cyre, Dorn’s half-orc family were peaceful farmers when their land was conquered by the hobgoblin Haruuc, forming the goblin nation of Darguun in 969YK. Only a small child at the time, Dorn’s family was captured by the goblin rebels and sold into slavery.

The next sixteen years were a nightmare for the half-orc. All that changed when Dorn reached maturity and developed the Mark of Finding, the dragonmark coveted by House Tharashk. Less than two years later, representatives of Tharashk came through the region and purchased Dorn from her masters, bringing her into the House and teaching her their ways.

Through the years, however, her mind never strayed far from her mother, father, and three brothers left in bondage in Darguun. So when Cyre approached Dorn, requesting involvement in the undermining of House Lyrandar‘s Project Aboleth in exchange for her family’s release from Darguun, she took the job in a heartbeat.

Following the destruction of Aboleth, Dorn felt she had been betrayed by the party when Morgaine double-crossed Cyre and Cannith, nearly selling the plans instead to The Wind Whisperers. However, after she explained to the group her intentions, recognizing that she had kept silent about them in the past, leading into the situation.

She and the party eventually came to a mutual (if violent) understanding, but she never completely forgave them for their initial betrayal. Following the quest resolution in Eston, she parted company rather than assist them in defeating the Circle of Thirteen. Her current whereabouts, or whether she even left Eston before the Mourning, is unknown.


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