Jarot ir'Wynarn

Last King of Galifar


The last ruler of Galifar, King Jarot was seen as a paranoid ruler, believing that every power, foreign and internal, were conspiring against him and his kingdom. Because of this paranoia he began numerous secret military projects, as well as a massive military buildup in each of The Five Nations.

This conflict, however, never came about, at least not as he believed. When Jarot died in 894YK, conflict amongst his five offspring over who would ascend to the crown would spark The War, using the very armies and technologies he had amassed.


Prince Kaius ir’Wynarn I, Governor-prince of Karrnath through 910YK
Princess Mishann ir’Wynarn, regent of Cyre through 908YK
Prince Thalin ir’Wynarn, Blood Regent of Thrane through 914YK
Princess Wroann ir’Wynarn, Governor-princess of Breland through 919YK
Prince Wrogar ir’Wynarn, Governor-prince of Aundair through 920YK


Jarot ir'Wynarn

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