Pangeon d'Lyrandar

Patron of House Lyrandar


The patron of House Lyrandar, Baron Pangeon d’Lyrandar lives in the House’s base of Stormhome off the coast of Aundair.

While Lyrandar limited themselves to selling their weather manipulation powers in the early stages of The War, it has been under the rule of Pangeon that they have become more and more aggressive over the last few decades. It is thanks to Pangeon that Lyrandar has taken a foothold in Valenar against the Korth Edicts, where they are slowly taking seats in the Valenar government, as well as testing their new Elemental Airships along the country’s plains.

It is likely that Pangeon has some knowledge or involvement in Project Aboleth, although what direct influence he’s had over the proceedings is still unknown.

Esravash d’Lyrandar


Pangeon d'Lyrandar

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