Prince Koulton Brightwind

Leader of The Wind Whisperers


Based out of Windlost Island, Koulton Brightwind is the leader of the Wind Whisperers. He also has the unique claim of being the only sea prince in the Lhazaar Principalities to currently have a price on his head.

It is a distinction he wears like a medal. Once a proud member of House Lyrandar, Brightwind was once a young Storm-marked idealist quickly ascending the House’s ranks. How this changed so quickly, what caused Brightwind to break from the House, none know save Brightwind himself. All that is known is that one day in 992YK he was a shining example of Lyrandar’s bright future. The next day he was gone, taking many of the House’s secrets and, more importantly, one of their precious elemental airships on his way out.

In the two years since his daring hijacking, Brightwind has risen to become a major player in Lhazaar. Amassing a core group of fellow Storm-marks to his cause, the Wind Whisperers were created. Their two goals are clear: clean up the Principalities, and cause as much trouble for House Lyrandar as possible.

Brightwind is responsible for recruiting Morgaine Boushant for the mission to destroy Lyrandar’s Project Aboleth. He had past dealings with Morgaine’s adopted parents prior to their death, although the specific nature of these dealings have yet to reach the light of day.

Prince Koulton Brightwind

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