Scarlett Knope

Owner of The Cock & Hawk


Owner of the Cock & Hawk in Newthrone, Q’Barra, and a member of Koulton Brightwind’s Wind Whisperers. The task of collecting the Project Aboleth plans for the Whisperers, a deal altered by Morgaine Boushant, fell to Scarlett.

Unfortunately for her, the deal fell through due to the interference of the half-orc artificer Dorn and her House Tharashk associates. Luckily for her, though, she was able to escape the encounter between Tharashk, the party, and the Whisperer enforcers, thanks to some timely intervention by Boushant.

While Boushant tasked Knope with bringing a special knife to Brightwind ("He’ll know what to do with it) in exchange for Knope’s life, the half-elf bartender’s whereabouts are currently unknown.


Scarlett Knope

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