Starrin d'Cannith

Patron of House Cannith


The old man known as “the Gorgon”, Baron Starrin d’Cannith is the patriarch of House Cannith. His base of operations is the Cannith enclave of Eston in Cyre.

A firm and intimidating hand, Starrin has been vital in Cannith’s role during the war, providing not only weapons to all of the Five Nations, but also soldiers to carry them in the form of sentient warforged. The warforged, in fact, were created by Starrin’s brother, the late Merrix d’Cannith.

While Starrin surely knows about Lyrandar’s betrayal and the steps Cyre is taking to end Project Aboleth, his role in the details of the mission’s planning, as well as the composition of its team, is unknown.

Starrin has been married twice, yet has only one child of his own blood.

Norran d’Cannith (son and heir)
Jorlanna d’Cannith (daughter of second wife and Starrin’s stepdaughter)


Starrin d'Cannith

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