Late Dragon of Turnabout Island


Very little is actually known about the white dragon Szartharrax, his parents, his brood, or why he came to Turnabout in the first place. It can be assumed that he came from Argonnessen, as do nearly all dragons on Eberron, although his motivations, and ultimate goals, for leaving the dragon homeland are unclear. What is known, though, is that in the decades he spent on Turnabout Island he had begun to develop all the power bases of a successful chromatic dragon: land, a horde, and a legion of minions to do any killing thought beneath him.

It was either Szartharrax or his yeti that killed the envoy from Sivis and Karrnath, leaving Zatz to be raised in the wilderness of Turnabout. Ultimately, Szartharrax fell at the hands of Zatz and his newly-found companions, leaving his plans failed before they even began.


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