Tyrean d'Cannith

Wandering Tinker and Tutor to Berien Collier


The man calling himself Tyrean d’Cannith is an elderly artificer who is allegedly a member of House Cannith. “Calling himself” and “Allegedly” because, despite extensive investigation on the part of Tyrean’s protege, Berien Collier, Cannith claims the tinker never existed.

Tyrean first made contact with Berien the spring after the hobgoblin attack on the Collier farm. Taking the orphaned boy under his wing, the two traveled throughout Khorvaire, allowing Berien to heal from the traumas set upon him while teaching him wizardry and artifice.

According to Hara Drosten, Tyrean d’Cannith has infiltrated the Circle of Thirteen in order to find more information on the whereabouts of Collier’s sister, Adeline. His current whereabouts, following the Circle’s defeat during the Day of Mourning, is unknown, although he has not made any attempt to contact Hara or Berien in four years since.

Tyrean d'Cannith

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