Gadgeteer's Garb

Item Set For Today's Artificer


Alchemy Gloves: When an alchemical item is used, these gloves are made to charge it with a magical power.

Deep-Pocket Cloak: The hundreds of magically hidden pockets on this cloak allow the wearer to keep a wealth of items close at hand.

Gadgeteer’s Goggles: The residuum suspended in these lenses helps you see through the complexities of the deadliest traps.

If two or more of these items are worn by the same person, they or an ally gain additional hit points with each healing surge.

If all four items are worn by the same person, they gain additional defenses against traps.


Created by House Cannith, the Gadgeteer’s Garb is a set of items designed to assist the artificers, alchemists, and rogues of the Five Nations in the war effort. While produced and sold separately, these uncommon items are synchronized with each other, providing additional benefits for those governments that made the additional financial commitment.

Shockweave Armor: Metal studs on this armor magically protect the wearer from lightning, then unleash that same power against their foes. One set of shockweave robes were found by the party in Szartharrax’s horde, and are currently being worn by Morgaine Boushant.

A Deep-Pocket Cloak was found in a locker at Project Aboleth.

Gadgeteer's Garb

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