Lyrandar for Beginners

Ritual Book Discovered on Lyrandar Elemental Galleon


This book contains four rituals:

Endure Elements (PH1, Arcana or Nature, Level 2)
Water Walk (PH1, Exploration, Level 2)
Summon Winds (EPG, Exploration, Level 3)
Enhance Vessel (EPG, Exploration, Level 10)


Discovered in a drawer in the captain’s quarters of The Archer’s Poise. Part instruction manual, part grade-school primer, the book (with a shining blue Mark of Storm emblazoned on the cover) gives a brief history of House Lyrandar, uniform policies and other rules and regulations, as well as basic geography, mathematics, and Khorvairean history. It appears to be written for those brought into the House at a young age, as well as for found Stormmarked individuals who lacked what Lyrandar considered a quality education.

The back of the book, under the heading SKILLS FOR ALL LYRANDAR MEMBERS, consists of four rituals: Endure Elements, Enhance Vessel, Summon Winds, and Water Walk. Notations state that, while ritual casting is usually left to those trained in the arcanic fields, these four rituals have been proven to be essential to anyone bearing the Mark of Storm.

Lyrandar for Beginners

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