The Last Days

War's End
Undead, Masks, and Cactus Horses

- Delving deeper into the ruins, group fought undead, giant ants, and krenshars
- Discovered armory with a new hammer, an elven chain shirt, and a magic climbing rope
- Intruded on the Circle of Thirteen’s ritual just as things started going wrong
- Most Circle members escaped, while two were killed by the portal and dimensional marauder that came out of it, while two others, in a black mask and a goat mask, stayed to fight
- Kaden, Morgaine, and Zatz defeated goat mask, and held off two fell taints, an anthropomorphic badger, and a cactus horse, all of which came out of the portal, long enough for Berien, Daphne, and Hara to shut down the magical pillars protecting the portal and the dragonmark-covered man controlling it.
- Portal then sucked the dimensional intruders back in, along with its controller. The group saw the edge of a large metal saucer begin to come through the portal before it closed itself down to a few inches wide. A strange grey mist began to pour from it, quickly filling the room.
- Using the randomly-shifting teleportation circles around the room, the party, along with Drosten, linked hands and escaped before the mist could overwhelm them, landing in in the middle of a battle between Cyran and Karrnathi forces. The same mist came in from the west, quickly overwhelming the battlefield. The group joined the stampede of soldiers escaping the gas, finding safety only after they crossed the Cyre/Karrnath border.
- The War is over…

The Hideout
Behirs, Warforged, and Elementals


- After shopping for new equipment, group, with Hara, proceeds to a hidden ruin outside Eston.
- Inside cavern, group encounters a young behir, but quick-thinking Diplomacy avoids any battle, and they make their way into the ruins through a secret passage. Hara leaves them, exploring another part of the cave through nearly impenetrable cracks.
- In the first room they come upon, group battles warforged and Iron Defender constructs. After defeating them, further investigation reveals that the living constructs were somehow repurposed to become nearly mindless guardians.
- In the next room, a sharp-eyed Morgaine Boushant disarms a spinning blade trap, but the rest of the group wakes up a pack of Dust Devils, wind/earth hybrid elementals.
- After the victory, the group levels up and moves on…

Mission's End
Newthrone, Eston, and the Cock & Hawk


- Group arrived in Newthrone and met with Wind Whisperer contact at Cock & Hawk, a harbor bar.
- Conflict arose between representative, Morgaine, and Dorn regarding true purchaser of the plans.
- During the fight that ensued, Morgaine handed a dagger to Whisperer contact to give to Prince Koulton Brightwind
- After battle, group was approached by “Winged Flame” Hara Drosten, bearing news about Berien’s sister, Adeline, and mentor, Tyrean d’Cannith
- Explained the involvement of a mystery group known as The Circle of Thirteen, or the Masks of Eberron
- Group teleports to Eston, where they hand off the plans to House Cannith before preparing for their coming conflict with the Circle

Jungle Journeys
Valenar, Q'Barra, and Stormhorn


- After destroying Project Aboleth, group made their escape.
- Discovered by Valenar elven patrol, but not before XVIII mysteriously shut down.
- Aided in their battle with elves by Kadentoma Stormhorn, dragonborn shaman.
- With Kadentoma’s help, group traversed Q’Barra without any interference, arriving at Newthrone within a few days.

Into Aboleth
The Destruction

A brief update, as it’s been a year and details evade me:

- After fighting constructs, guards, and wind and water elementals, the party destroyed the Aboleth prototypes and set charges within the facilities

- Escaped before explosives were set off

- Have the plans for Project Aboleth

- Currently standing outside the Aboleth facility, awaiting the explosions

- Next step: to cross Q’Barra and meet up with Whisperer representatives in Newthrone, where they will teleport to Cyre and hand in the plans, thereby ending the mission.

Tradewind, Brightwind, and Aboleth
The Attack Begins

Adventure Log Coming Soon…


- Arrived at Tradewind
- Dined w/ Koulton Brightwind @ his headquarters
- Discussed infiltration and escape plans:
– After destruction of Project Aboleth facility in Valenar, group will cross over into Q’Barra where they will find a friend of The Wind Whisperers in the city of Newthrone.
– This representative would provide the group with the sigil sequence for a secure Teleportation Circle in Eston, Cyre, to complete their mission.
- That evening, Morgaine received a visitor…
- …and Berien received a letter.
- After resupply, group set off for Valenar.
- While on their journey, Dorn provided XVIII with a new piece of equipment, and also revealed to the group that she pocketed one of the Dragonshards from Turnabout Island, which she would refine into something more powerful.
- Arriving at Aboleth, Daphne attempted to masquerade as the ship’s captain, and succeeded to a point.
- Broke the elemental containment on the ship, freeing the elementals to wreak havoc on the base.
- Group defeated the dockworkers, and the session ended as they entered the facility…

Gurrp and the Pirates
Details Revealed

After defeating Szartharrax, Turnabout’s resident dragon ringleader, the party returned to the Archer’s Poise, the elemental galleon docked at House Tharashk’s Dragonshard mine.

As Dorn’s crew of kobolds and orcs began final preparation for departure, the party were caught up on the events surrounding their elven ranger companion Cirie since her departure a day and a half previously. She was currently below decks, recovering from a serious beating at the hands of a tribe of Szartharrax’s yeti she encountered while scouting the island. If not for the intercession of another tribe (likely of the same disposition, if not the same tribe, as those who took in a young Zatz she may not have survived, but would likely be out of commission until she received better treatment at Windlost.

As the ship kedged out, however, it was suddenly attacked from the ocean. Regrouped from their defeated the previous day, the sahuagin had taken advantage of the group’s extended rest to come back for one last attack. Swarming the ship’s sides and attacking with spells from mounted seasnakes, the sahuagin did their best to stop the Poise from reaching the open sea, ultimately failing in their efforts.

The galleon’s elemental activated by Morgaine’s Mark of Storm, the ship sped off, destination: the merchant village of Tradewind on Windlost, home of Prince Koulton Brightwind and his Wind Whisperers.

Further investigation of the holds revealed a cache of gold in the late Elster Arroway’s cabin, as well as a textbook for young Lyrandar recruits. In addition to its chapters of basic geography, history, and mathematics, the book covered basic sailing techniques. In its back it also gave the formulae for the four rituals that can be used by all Stormmarks.

As the crew settled in and the elemental found its rhythm, the group settled down for an information exchange. Finally, they learned the details of Project Aboleth and why House Cannith and Cyre wanted it stopped.

Aboleth began, as all previous elemental projects, as a joint venture between Cannith, Lyrandar, and the gnomish nation of Zilargo. Recently, however, the plans for the project disappeared from Cannith’s foundries, how and by whom remain unknown. What is known, however, is that Lyrandar is now continuing the project, on its own, using a converted shipyard on the coast of Valenar to sell to the highest bidder.

Aboleth is unique in that it is the first known vehicle in Eberron to travel, and attack, from underwater. The enchantments and tech required to pull this off effectively are extremely complex, but what is known is that it will be the first elemental vessel to require two types of elements: water for propulsion, and air for life support, both of which require specialized dragonshard containment systems to coexist. It is also equipped with weaponry that can be fired from underwater.

While Lyrandar plans to sell to whoever is willing to buy, Cyre is certain that completion of the project will doom the nation. With very few friendly neighbors remaining, its shrinking shore is one of the nations dwindling lifelines, sure to be choked off completely if any of the other Five Nations fortify their blockades on Scions Sound and Kracken Bay with such powerful stealth weaponry. The nation’s war chest is shrinking, and they are sure that they will be unable to match any bid for the vehicles.

Cannith, on the other hand, will gladly build the new galleons for Cyre. The House considers the nation their home, and will do whatever they can to undermine House Lyrandar’s treachery.

Their mission now cleared up, the first few days of the journey went relatively smoothly. Morgaine developed a bit of camaraderie with the orc and kobold crew of the Poise, especially one beefy orc by the name of Gurrp. She taught him the ways of piloting a ship, and even gave him a hat.

In exchange for his new friendship, Gurrp lent the group his axe hand when, on the second day of the voyage, they were set upon by pirates intent on capturing the elemental galleon. Speeding alongside the vessel, the sailors attacked the Poise with cannons that fired volleys of arrows while their raiders swung across on ropes.

The group made quick work of them, however, thanks in no small part to XVIII’s command, Berien’s ice attacks, and Gurrp’s axe. And then there was Daphne’s bald pirate in a frilly dress…

Anyway, the battle won, the group decided, rather than sink the pirate ship, to bring it to Tradewind in an attempt to sell it to the Whisperers. Unable to find any more accomplished pilots, Morgaine nominates Gurrp for the job, under Dorn’s supervision.

And so the group presses on to Tradewind…

Dorn, Szartharrax, and the Archer's Poise
Disrupting the Operation

Morning arrived on Turnabout Island to find the company recuperating from the previous evening’s activities. While they had gained one new companion, a young gnome boy named Zatz, they temporarily lost another, as the ranger Cirie had left before they rose, deciding to scout ahead in the hopes of steering the group away from any additional trouble.

The group found no further yeti tribes, although the beasts’ rhythmic pounding could be heard off in the distance for periods throughout the day. Soon enough, they came the island’s eastern shore where, off in the distance, could be seen an elemental galleon tied up in a simple man-made harbor, its dock stretching up the shoreline to a cave. The name Archer’s Poise was written across its bow. Only one guard could be seen, a staff-wielding man idly pacing the ship’s deck.

Believing more support would come from the cave, Morgaine volunteered to swim across to the ship rather than cross along the shore, in the hopes of catching the Lyrandar unawares. Her plan nearly worked, if not for the guards swimming beneath the surface.

One clawed hand grabbed Morgaine as she neared the dock, pulling her underneath. Soon she found herself surrounded by sahuagin, aquatic humanoids hired by Lyrandar to protect the ship and its cargo.

The commotion on the surface and beneath was enough to draw the Lyrandar’s attention, and the rest of the party broke their cover and charged into battle as more sahuagin marched onto the frozen sand.

The battle was swift and furious, stretching from the shoreline to the dock and beneath the waves. Morgaine eventually broke from the sahuagin’s grasp and made her way to the dock, where she and the others faced the Lyrandar captain and the sahuagin. Using their weapons, their wits, and a few heavy mining carts, the sea devils were eventually dispatched. The captain, his staff shimmering and reshaping itself into a rapier, made one desperate attempt to return to the ship, but was struck down.

Knowing their battle had surely drawn attention from inside, the group quickly made their way into the cave. Inside, they found a surprising scene: goblin, hobgoblin, and bugbear guards commanding a large group of kobold and orc miners. Turning their attention to the intruders, the goblins charged. The workers hesitated, wondering whether they should assist in the battle, but their supervisor, a garishly-garbed half-orc female, told them to simply stand back and let it settle itself.

Meanwhile, in the back line, a hob mage guard pointed his staff towards the ceiling, shooting a blast that began a rockslide, hurting both guard and hero. Pretense gone, the half-orc struck back at the mage with a force attack from her own staff, joining the battle as her workers stood by watching, their mouths hanging agape.

The guards felled, the half-orc curtly introduced herself as Dorn, a member of House Tharashk and the group’s contact on Turnabout, before ordering the workers to begin loading the Dragonshards they had already collected onto the ship.

She then told the adventurers that their work was not quite done on the island. Days before the ship had arrived, some of Dorn’s associates had hidden a shipment of alchemical components in a nearby cave. These components would, when combined, give them an explosive edge in destroying Project Aboleth.

Leaving the kobolds and orcs behind to load the ship, the party traveled a few miles up the mountain. Expecting to find a well-camouflaged hiding spot, they instead found the brush torn away from the cave. It was almost completely empty inside, save numerous traces of yeti and one brown satchel which Dorn identified as a Bag of Holding. It was to have been used to carry the components more easily back to the ship, and she surmised that the yeti, looking for shining items to give to their master, left it behind.

Knowing that a conflict with the Szartharrax lie ahead, the party convinced Dorn to rest for the evening before striking out for the dragon’s hideout. In the morning they reached the cave entrance to find one solitary yeti. Running in for help, more yeti poured from the cave to fight the invaders, as did two rocky creatures, falling from the cliff face and hurling boulders with brutal accuracy.

These yeti dispatched, the group entered the cave. The final yeti, fearing for his life, ran deeper into the cave towards his master. The young white dragon Szartharrax watched with dark amusement as the group carried in one of the dead yeti as a sign of intimidation. Flanked by two chained cave bears, he listened as the group made a vain attempt to forge a truce with the dragon: the components for his life. The dragon, as was his nature, declined, leaving the party no choice but to release their young gnome barbarian, who charged the beast who very likely killed his parents.

The battle that followed was fierce. The remaining yeti, trembling with fear, made a few half-hearted attempts to fight before being struck down. The two bears snarled at the ends of their chains, doing some damage before being ultimately ignored as the party kept their distance, focusing their efforts on the dragon.

Szartharrax resisted as best he was able, using claw, tooth, and cold breath. In the end, however, he fell. The heroes took the components back from his horde, as well as gold, residium, and trade items. As well, they found a unique robe and a pair of healer’s goggles, both items they believed to have come from the same expedition as Zatz. They also released the two bears, but not before knocking them unconscious in order to avoid their attacks.

And so the party returns to the Archer’s Poise to await Cirie before setting sail for Windlost Island and, soon enough, the hidden location of Project Aboleth.

Notable Locations: Turnabout Island
Notable Characters: Dorn, Elster Arroway, Szartharrax

Tsunami, Zatz, and the Audacity
It began in Skairn

23 Zarantyr, 964 YK

With the War waging across Khorvaire, the group first arrives at Havar Manor in Skairn, a small town on the mainland shore of the Lhazaar Principalities. Once the home of a wealthy baron, Havar Manor had fallen on hard times and, like much of Lhazaar, had gone through so many owners and occupants over the years that most had lost track of its ownership.

Indeed, the group arrived to discover a dusty, cobwebbed hall, pockmarked with crumbled masonry and cracks in the flooring. Along the walls and the remains of the balcony, at least a dozen wooden crates were stacked.

Before the group was able to do much beyond get a sense of their surroundings, one of the two upper doors opened, and a rumpled, graying man entered the room. Introducing himself as Tsunami, he pulled a glowing orb out of his hand and requested the group prepare for a brief test of their proficiency. Within moments, six homunculii of various shapes burst from some of the boxes, and the battle ensued.

The victory was swift, and the group seemed to meld well enough on the field. It seemed to suit Tsunami well enough, at least, as he descended the stairs, produced a map, and laid out the mission.

Project Aboleth was a secret naval weapon being produced by House Lyrandar. What it was, and where its production was occurring, was unknown, although it was believed that they were using technology or plans stolen from House Cannith or Zilargo, and it was also known that this weapon would be sold to the highest bidder.

Tsunami represented the nation of Cyre, who had lost the most territory so far in the War. Believing that their enemies would jump at the chance to use Aboleth to blockade what shores they had remaining, Cyre has decided to take the desperate measure of sending a group to infiltrate and destroy Project Aboleth at its source.

The group is to sail north to Turnabout Island, where House Tharashk‘s laborers are mining Khyber dragonshards for the project. There they are to meet Dorn, a half-orc artificer with Cyran sympathies. Together, they are to stop the mining operation and commandeer Lyrandar’s elemental galleon. From there, they are to find the shipyard being used for Aboleth and destroy it, stealing the original plans and bringing them to Cannith’s base of operations in Eston.

Upon further pressing, each member discovers their reason for being a part of the mission:

- Berien Collier, human wizard, was not specifically asked to come aboard by Tsunami, but by Tyrean d’Cannith, Berien’s mentor and a past associate of Tsunami. He is to be Cannith’s unofficial representative, as well as a skilled wizard with past experience in artifice and wilderness survival.

- Cirie, elven ranger, is a member of a well-respected family of rangers. Turnabout Island is still mostly uncharted, and the way from Aboleth’s location to Eston still unknown, her skills would undoubtedly come in handy to forge a path.

- Daphne Bologna, or so she claims, is a changeling cleric with obvious abilities for subterfuge and infiltration. Above and beyond her shapeshifting abilities, she is a trained thief and healer.

- Kairon, tiefling warlock, an intimidating presence, sure to be a help in the project’s destruction. He makes things go boom.

- Morgaine Boushant, half-elf avenger, was personally recommended by Prince Koulton Brightwind, whose Wind Whisperers would be assisting in the mission. Raised by a sailing family in Lhazaar, her ship-handling skills, as well as her Mark of Storm, would be pivotal in getting the stolen galleon from Turnabout to the Whisperers’ base at Windlost Island, and beyond to Project Aboleth’s central base.

- The warforged known only as XVIII was added to the party at the request of Cannith. Few know anything about “him”, and he seems to know even less. But he wields a mighty hammer, and even the single encounter with the constructs showed he is a natural “born” leader.

After receiving six 100gp gems as their first payment, the group departed Havar Manor. After a brief shopping trip, with Berien picking up a few key rituals for the cold journey, they arrived at the dock and the Samantha June. There they were introduced to its captain, Oolanda Songsteel, as well as another group of adventurers.

Morgaine quickly joined the crew in preparing the ship for sail, showing off her skills to party and captain alike. She was quickly interrupted, however, by Fargrim Anvilbreaker, leader of the Audacity. A loud braggart, he quickly told her of their group’s plan: to sail to Orthoss Island and capture Prince Brightwind, collecting on the reward placed by Lyrandar.

Believing their ally was in danger, Morgaine and the party concocted a plan to get more information. Assuming the shape of the Audacity’s eladrin bard, Daphne isolated Fargrim and, after some confusing conversation, learned that they had been pointed to Orthoss by Tsunami himself.

Meanwhile, Oolanda approached Morgaine and, after some brief conversation, cleared up the situation: Tsunami was pointing the Audacity towards Orthoss merely to provide cover for the group’s actions. Brightwind remained on Windlost, where the group was to still meet him after their job on Turnabout was complete.

Daphne, not knowing this news, escaped Fargrim’s clutches, quickly realizing that Fargrim and the bard were in a relationship. Either that, or Fargrim took her desire to speak to him alone as an advance. In either case, she quickly left the scene, aghast at learning that it was all for nothing.

Two nights passed. On the evening of the 25th, the group was roused by Oolanda and her crew and lowered into the ocean on rowboats. To their surprise, Kairon did not accompany them. Undaunted, they rowed through the darkness to the western shore of Turnabout. Scuttling their boat, they proceeded east through the snowy forest.

After three or four hours they discovered the weathered remains of an expedition camp, along with a torn journal page. Written fifteen years previous and protected from the elements by House Sivis enchantment, the journal discussed an attempt by Sivis and Karrnath to forge a treaty with a young dragon named Szartharrax. It also briefly mentioned a young boy named Zatz, who joined his mother on the expedition.

Finding nothing else of note, the group continued on. Soon after, however, they began to hear a rhythmic thumping in the distance. As time passed, it started to grow nearer, and to originate from multiple directions. Night, however, soon came, and the group could do nothing other than rest.

And that’s when they struck. Six yeti, possibly allies of the dragon, burst through the bush and attacked the camp. Along with them, however, came a feral-looking gnome wielding a giant hammer. As the group fought the yetis, the boy held his own against one before slipping into Morgaine’s tent and rough-handling her equipment.

After the battle, Morgaine and the others attempted to communicate with the boy. They discovered that his name was Zatz, likely the same boy mentioned in the journal. He spoke in what was first thought to be gibberish. However, both Morgaine and Cirie recognized bits of elven tongue, and Berien understood pieces of draconic. They all recognized some common as well. The bluish script on the boys shoulder helped them understand his problem: He bore the Mark of Scribing, allowing him unparalleled access to language. Unfortunately, as he was raised in the wild, he had not yet come to understand, or differentiate, the multiple languages bouncing through his mind.

They also learned that Zatz knew of the Lyrandar operation on the eastern shore, and were given his promise that he would lead them to it the next day. And so they rested, knowing that the next stage of the mission lay close at hand…

Notable Locations: The Lhazaar Principalities, Skairn, Turnabout Island
Notable Characters: Tsunami, The Audacity


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