Alignment: Unaligned

Balinor rules the beasts, the hunt, and the cycle of life. He teaches respect for wild animals and nature: One should take – carefully – only what one needs from the wild to improve civilization. That intelligent races slay and eat animals is part of the natural cycle. That an occasional hunter falls to a rampaging boar or angry bear is also part of the cycle.

Brother of Arawai and The Devourer, Balinor counts rangers, druids, and hunters of all types among his followers. In images, he appears as a crude but good-natured human or half-orc, and sometimes as a green dragon.


- Take what you need from nature, but respect its power.

- Courage invites luck. Never flinch in the face of danger, but don’t court it unprepared.

- Change is constant. The only certainty in life is death. Death is not to be feared, but celebrated as part of the natural cycle.

Chosen deity of Berien Collier


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