Appearing on any part of an individual’s body as an intricate, raised light blue tattoo, dragonmarks are a relatively recent phenomenon on Eberron. First appearing roughly 3,300 years ago, they marked the beginning of what modern historians call The Current Age. While many believe that their appearance connects with the Draconic Prophecy, the marks’ ultimate origins, and their reason for existence, is still a matter of great debate.

Those who bear the dragonmark wield great powers, and these powers have shaped the modern Eberron more than any other. In no area is this more prevalent than in the formation of the thirteen Dragonmarked Houses, coalitions of dragonmarked individuals and families who have their hands in nearly every aspect of civilized society, from military and construction to entertainment and healing.

The question of who develops dragonmarks adds yet another layer of their mystery. While marks pass through families, especially among those of the Houses, they can just as easily appear on others of previously unmarked bloodlines. While many appear at birth, others develop at the age of maturity, while others still come along much later in life. While some are common certain races, a rare few will develop among different races.

And then there’s the odd nature of the Marks of Detection and Storm, both tied to the crossbred half elf, but but practically unheard of in their human and elf ancestors.

All of this tied together leads many to believe that there is some greater power at work in the dragonmarks. Greater, perhaps, than even the Draconic Prophecy itself.

Mark of Detection
Mark of Finding
Mark of Handling
Mark of Healing
Mark of Hospitality
Mark of Making
Mark of Passage
Mark of Scribing
Mark of Sentinel
Mark of Shadow
Mark of Storm
Mark of Warding


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