Three kinds of dragonshards, named according to their origin, play an important role in the magical economy of Khorvaire — and in the Draconic Prophecy. All dragonshards appear as translucent rocks, and their discovery and collecting are the primary responsibility of House Tharashk. Dragonshards are essential components for creating certain types of magical items.

Siberys dragonshards: Also known as sunstones or starmotes thanks to their origins as well as the swirl of pulsing golden veins in their core, these dragonshards fall from the Ring of Siberys that forms a broken path across the night sky. These shards are then accumulate on Eberron’s surface, where they are collected by Tharashk or anyone else who happens to find them. They are most commonly used to focus and enhance the power of dragonmarks. Common locations: The equatorial regions of Eberron, including Xen’drik and Aerenal.

Eberron dragonshards: Buried in the shallow soil of the world, and usually appear encased inside stone geodes. Commonly called bloodstones thanks to the blood red swirl inside them, they are used for crafting many kinds of magic items, and are also used as spellbooks by some wizards. Common locations: Only appear in Khorvaire and Aerenal, and they’re particularly common in The Shadow Marches.

Khyber dragonshards: Found growing on cavern walls deep in the earth, usually near regions of molten rock. Veins of midnight blue to oily black coil in their centers, and they’re commonly known as nightshards or demonstones. Khyber shards are essential in binding the elementals used in House Lyrandar’s galleons and airships as well as House Orien’s lightning rail system. Common locations: Appear across Eberron (including Turnabout Island in Lhazaar, but they’re most prevalent in areas that see significant demonic or elemental activity, such as the Demon Wastes.


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