Elemental Airship

The next stage in transportation technology, the elemental airship is unlike anything seen in Eberron before. A joint venture between House Lyrandar, House Cannith, and the gnomish nation of Zilargo, the airships first came into service in YK 990, and in their eight years have already proven themselves as reliable as the elemental galleons and lightning rail before them.

Harnessing similar technology to their waterbound brethren, elemental airships are created in Cannith forges, using Zilargo harnessing technology, and controlled by Lyrandar scions bearing the Mark of Storm. Unlike the galleons, however, airships are powered by bound fire rather than air elementals, and are produced using a rare form of timber called soarwood, harvestable only in the forests of Aerenal.

With one embarrassingly notable exception, Lyrandar currently has a monopoly on airship traffic across Khorvaire and Eberron. During The Last War, they were being used exclusively for military purposes. However, with the war over, they can now be used by anyone. Or, at least, those who can afford it.

Cost: 1 gp / mi
Charter: 17,000 gp / day
Speed: 20
Per Day: 420 miles
Per Hour: 20 miles

Elemental Airship

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