Elemental Galleon

Although they appear to be reaching the end of their domination thanks to the appearance of Lyrandar’s first elemental airships in YK990, elemental galleons remain the vehicle of choice for trade and travel.

A joint effort between House Lyrandar, House Cannith, and the nation of Zilargo, elemental galleons carry half the number of sails and a fraction of the crew of a regular wind-powered vessel. The difference lies in the bound air elemental encircling the craft, providing wind for the sails as well as propulsion beneath the waves. This leads to a 20 mile per day difference in speed between an elemental galleon and a Lhazaar sailing ship, and a nearly 40 mile difference to a standard class galleon, as well as a vast increase in cargo capacity.

While Cannith keeps its secrets about the construction and Zilargo keeps its elemental binding techniques hidden as only gnomes can, it is a well-known fact that Lyrandar’s Storm-marked scions make the best pilots for these craft. Why, however, is yet another mystery. Like a regular craft, an elemental galleon is steered using a large wheel at the ship’s helm. However, rather than turning on an axis, the wheel of an elemental galleon serves as a conduit between the captain and the elemental bound to the ship. Anyone can make an attempt to control the creature if so needed. However, for reasons unknown to most, those bearing the Mark of Storm are particularly attuned to this line of communication, making them the most qualified candidates for the position.

Fare: 3 sp/mi
Charter: 750gp/day
Speed: 10
Per Day: 120 miles
Per Hour: 5 miles

Elemental Galleon

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