Few living half-elves are the offspring of human and elf parents. Since elves first came to Khorvaire, half-elves have represented a distinct cultural group, and most are the descendants of early inter-breeding. Half-elves originally hail from what today is Valenar, but have since spread across the continent along with their human neighbors.

Notable half-elves:
Morgaine Boushant
Prince Koulton Brightwind

Locations: Half-elves live throughout Khorvaire, particularly within the Five Nations. Half-elf settlements are rare, as they prefer to live within human-occupied regions. Most half-elves are shunned by their elven ancestors, so they rarely live within those settlements.

Dragonmarks: Half-elves predominantly reside within House Lyrandar and House Medani, bearing the Marks of Storm and Detection.


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