House Cannith

Dragonmark: Mark of Making
Race: Human

Home to the greatest artificers and inventors in the world, House Cannith are the creators the warforged, airships (with Lyrandar) and lightning rail (with Orien).

During The Last War, House Cannith found itself acting as arms dealer to all five of the combatant nations. In 965 YK, the first warforged soldiers marched out of Cannith’s forgehold at Whitehearth, and soon Cannith was supplying not only weapons but also the soldiers that wielded them.

However, the end of the War decimated Cannith. The Day of Mourning killed its leader, Starrin d’Cannith, many of its dragonmarked heirs, and the forgeholds at Whitehearth and elsewhere in Cyre. The Treaty of Thronehold made it worse, freeing the warforged from Cannith’s control and forcing them to shut down all other forgeholds.

The death of Starrin, and the destruction of Cannith’s Cyran enclaves, the House has fragmented. Three would-be d’Cannith barons (Merrix, Jorlanna, and Zorlan) have equal claims to the seat, with their own enclaves and their own factions to back them up.

The party worked with House Cannith during the Last War, destroying Project Aboleth (a House Lyrandar project using stolen Cannith plans), and leaving a non-functioning XVIII with representatives in Eston.

Notable members:
Baron Starrin d’Cannith (Deceased Patriarch)
Jorlanna d’Cannith (Aundair Enclave)
Merrix d’Cannith (Sharn Enclave)
Zorlan d’Cannith (Korth Enclave)
Tyrean d’Cannith (status unknown)

House Cannith

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