House Deneith

Dragonmark: Mark of Sentinel
Race: Human

Most members are culturally Karrnathi, but the house has refused to choose sides. Instead, House Deneith offers mercenaries from its Blademarks Guild to all of the Five Nations.

Deneith crafts its contracts to ensure their fighters would never cross swords with other Deneith. One rumor states that a Cyran general was infuriated when the blademarks under his command wouldn’t attack a Deneith-guarded garrison. The Cyrans attacked the blademarks who refused to fight, and were routed by the combined forces of the blademarks and the garrison guards.

While it has remained politically neutral, Deneith has become wary of Houses Cannith and Tharashk, who, between warforged and Droaamish creatures, have both begun their own soldier-for-hire businesses.

House Deneith

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