House Lyrandar

Dragonmark: Mark of Storm
Race: Half-Elf

Master of winds and rain, this house earns most of its revenue from its elementally augmented sea galleons, holding a virtual monopoly on sea trade.

During the early stages of The Last War, Lyrandar was less involved than other Houses, as the Five Nations have little need for sea transport. But as the war has ground on, various governments approached Lyrandar about using weather control to gain advantage on the battlefield or to augment farm production at home. Lyrandar agreed, but limited manipulation to weather improvement rather than destruction.

Things changed. Within the last few years of the war, Lyrandar revealed its first elemental airships, in hopes that the new technology would only help its revenue streams during the course of the war. With the sudden end, however, the airships have taken a new role in commercial transit and shipping.

Additionally, Lyrandar has become the target of House Cannith and the nation of Cyre after using stolen schematics to create Project Aboleth, a new class of submersible elemental seacraft. The project was eventually destroyed by a group of mercenaries. However, with the destruction of Cyre during the Day of Mourning, and the subsequent weaking and fragmentation of Cannith in its aftermath, Lyrandar’s industrial espionage went unpunished by the other Houses.

Notable members:

Prince Koulton Brightwind (former)
Elster Arroway (deceased captain of the Archer’s Poise)
Baron Pangeon d’Lyrandar (patron of Lyrandar)

House Lyrandar

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