Humans are the dominant race on Khorvaire and the most numerous on Sarlona, from where they first emigrated for unknown reasons. From Lhazaar, the human race spread west. Towns became cities, cities formed nations, finally coalescing into the Kingdom of Galifar, was torn apart during The Last War.

Locations: Humans claim most of Khorvaire: The Five Nations and the Lhazaar Principalities. There are also significant human communities in Q’Barra, Eldeen, and the Shadow Marches. They no longer govern Sarlona, but make up a majority of their population.

Notable Humans:
Berien Collier
Tyrean d’Cannith
Hara Drosten

Dragonmarks: For an unknown reason, humans claim more dragonmarks and Houses than any other race. They include House Cannith (Mark of Making), House Orien (Mark of Passage), House Deneith (Mark of Sentinel), House Vadalis (Mark of Handling), and House Tharashk (Mark of Finding), the last of which they share with orcs and half-orcs.


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