Lightning Rail

In service for nearly two hundred years, the lightning rail system of Houses Cannith and Orien remains the fastest method (outside of outright teleportation) to get from place to place within Khorvaire.

Stretching between most major civilization centers, the “rails” actually consist of trails of conductor stones, large glowing orbs that emit magical energy. Similar stones are placed underneath the cars and, with the assist of bound elementals, the train simply floats from place to place.

While The Last War limited Orien from expanding the lines within the last decade, and while most transportation between enemy nations was heavily restricted, the lines themselves remained mostly untouched by the scourge of battle. There were accidents, of course, but most nations knew that a blatant attack upon a train carrying enemies to and from the front would only hurt their own cause in the end. Not only would they find negotiations with Orien much more difficult in the future, but access to Cannith’s warforged services would be limited, if not impossible.

Because of this careful attention, lightning rail remains a relatively safe, dependable, and affordable method of transportation. Prices vary depending on amenities and comfort, ranging from highly affordable to quite expensive.

Price: 5 sp/mi (First Class), 2 sp/mi (Standard Class), 3 cp/mi (Steerage)
Charter: 1,000 gp/day (First class only)
Speed: 60
Per Day: 720 miles
Per Hour: 30 miles

Lightning Rail

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