It is now 998YK. Four years have passed, and The War is over.

The Treaty of Thronehold is signed in 996, declaring a peace between Aundair, Breland, Karrnath, and Thrane. The treaty also recognizes the Talenta Plains, Zilargo, [[Q’Barra]], the Lhazaar Principalities, the Mror Holds, the Eldeen Reaches, and, for the first time, the revolt regions of Darguun and Valenar. Droaam, the Brelish territory ceded in the War to the Daughters of Sora Kell, remain unrecognized, yet Breland has done nothing to take the land back from its monstrous leaders.

Additionally, House Cannith has been ordered to destroy all creation forges, and remaining Warforged have been granted the rights of sentient beings.

You may notice one nation is not mentioned in the treaty. Cyre is no more. In an event known as the Day of Mourning, a massive blast of arcane horror ripped across the nation, causing a chain of events that turned the entire country into a wasteland, covered in a gray mist that magically ends directly at Cyre’s borders. Its leadership is fragmented, refugees in bordering nations fighting over kingship of a dead land. House Cannith, as well, is a shell of its former self, its baron dead, its leadership fragmented into factions, and its headquarters in Eston inaccessible to any living thing.

Conspiracies abound as to how the Mourning occurred, and you may or may not have added your voice to that conversation. However, despite what you saw that day, there is enough conflicting information to make it impossible to tell whether the incident with the Circle of Thirteen was the cause or simply a symptom of a greater power.


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