Q’Barra is often thought of as one of the most recently settled territories in Khorviare, although it is actually one of the oldest.

In 928YK, Khorvairean exiles escaping The Last War established New Galifar, a feudal realm with laws modeled on that of the pre-War Galifar. More recently, a network of exile communities calling themselves Hope have begun establishing themselves at the foot of the Endworld Mountains. Refugees from the former nation of Cyre, escaping the Day of Mourning and those nations that refused to take them in, have further established a human hold on the nation.

New Galifar and Hope came to Q’Barra expecting an uninhabited region. What they discovered, however, was that the “unclaimed” territory was, in fact, home to ancient and powerful masters. Lizardfolk, kobolds, and the dragonborn have lived in Q’Barra since before the first humans arrived in Khorvaire. Scattered ruins and burial sites, as well, hint at a much older claim to the land…

Notable Locations:



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