Teleportation Circle

House Orien maintains an extensive network of permanent teleportation circles in cities throughout the Five Nations. Outside the Five Nations, circles are somewhat less widespread, limited to larger cities and national capitals. Orien invests heavily in expanding this service, however, and expeditions to remote regions are under way to allow customers to reach even the most far-flung places.

House Orien ensures its control of the portals by locating them inside sprawling stations that feature fine accommodations – rooms, restaurants, shops, and spas – to pamper customers and protect the circles from unauthorized use. For paying customers, Orien heirs perform the Linked Portal ritual, allowing rapid transportation between any two of the house’s established teleporation circles. The house also allows experienced ritual casters to use its teleportation circles as the origin point for their own rituals, which reduces the component cost of the Linked Portal or True Portal rituals as described in the ritual entries of the Players Handbook.

Realizing that anyone who has access to the Linked Portal ritual could use them, however, the house closely guards the sigil sequence associated with each one.

Teleportation circle access: 50gp

Teleportation Circle

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