The Audacity

The group of adventurers known as the Audacity joined our party on the Samantha June as they journey to Turnabout Island. Convinced that they are on their way to Orthoss going after Prince Koulton Brightwind and his hefty bounty, they are actually on a wild goose chase, sent by Tsunami as a cover story for our group’s actions.

The group’s unique name derives from a member of a crowd once stuck listening to one of Fargrim’s stories. They said the words “Oh, the audacity…” in response to a particularly blunt and unsocial comment by Fargrim, who, hearing the tone of their voice and not understanding the words, understood it to be a compliment.


Fargrim Anvilbreaker: Braggart dwarven invoker of Aureon. Not the brightest individual, Tsunami was convinced that he would loudly boast of knowing about Brightwind’s “true” location, giving the prince and the mission extra added protection by being hundreds of miles away.

Meriele: Eladrin bard, she plays a lot of music from the Fey: Probably pretty, mostly strange. Lots of minor chords. Might have a relationship with Fargrim, as Daphne discovered, but might have simply just been him grossly misreading the situation.

Topaz: Shifter artificer. Perky and talkative, but of nothing of real importance.

Orilo: Goliath fighter who spent most of the journey in the crow’s nest.

The Audacity

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