The Circle of Thirteen

Altheda – Mark of Finding
Ammit – Mark of Hospitality
Atrytone – Mark of Sentinel
Dansil – Mark of Shadow
Dola – Mark of Handling
Enki – Mark of Passage
Gungnir – Mark of Storm
Kitsune – Mark of Scribing
Manbo – Mark of Healing
Quipu – Mark of Warding
Sangoma – Mark of Detection
Yama – Mark of Death
Yaoga – Mark of Making

Beliefs: That ALL dragonmarks, including abberants and Mark of Blood, have been held down for too long. It’s time for them to take their rightful place as destiny demands.

- Reversal of the Korth Edicts
- Overthrow of the House system
- Complete overthrow of government by dragonmarks
- Re-emergence of Mark of Blood and Abberants
- Destruction, subjugation, or enslavement of all non-dragonmarked
- Discovering, and supporting, The Next, believed to be the reincarnation of Halas Tarkanan.

According to Hara Drosten:

There’s an organization. Secret. Insidious, but extremely powerful. They go by many names, although there are few who even know any of these names. The most common name is the Circle of Thirteen. Another is the Masks of Eberron.

For ten years I’ve been searching for information on the Circle. Their goals, their motivations, their plans. But it’s been… trying. It’s tendrils are spread so wide, so thin, and in so many different shapes and sizes that it’s nearly impossible to recognize that they’re part of the same creature. I’ve found so many plans, so many crimes, so many paid off authorities, so many micro-organizations, that I still have no idea what their ultimate goal is. No one I’ve found even knows what the Thirteen represent, if they represent anything at all. Nations, Dragonmarks, Houses, moons… I tell you, there are far too many thirteens in this world, the Draconic prophets have barely scratched the surface.

Recently, I’ve found a breakthrough in the shape of Tyrean d’Cannith, Berien Collier’s mentor. Without saying much, he has infiltrated one of the many aspects of this organization, and, although he has only learned small scraps of information, it is enough.

Among the many, many, projects, the Circle has been collecting people. Not masses, not slaves, not armies. Just certain individuals, maybe fifteen or twenty throughout the entire continent. Different ages, different races, both the immensely powerful and the meekly ordinary, with no connection save that the Circle wanted them.

The invasion of Saerun, my village, was a cover. The attack, the murders, the enslavements, all in the name of Haruuc, were for one man. For all I know, the entire goblin uprising, the entire formation of Darguun, was a cover to find this one man. One man I didn’t even know, one man who no one even knew had been taken in the chaos. Even his wife thought he was taken with the rest of the slaves, and after I saved them I thought he had died along with many of the others.

But he was taken by the Circle. And so was Berien’s sister, Adeline.

The current nature, strength, and structure of the Circle of Thirteen is unknown. Following the events of the Day of Mourning, in which three of their number were killed, and their ritual disrupted (?), none can say what has happened to them in the four years following.

What the party has learned, if anything, is this:

- The group, at one point, numbered thirteen. Each wore a different mask. Whether their group now has only ten members, or whether they recruit replacements, time will tell.
- Additionally, there was a fourteenth at the ritual, a man covered in numerous Abberant Dragonmarks. His relationship to the other thirteen (leader or otherwise) is unknown, and he vanished into the portal the group was trying to open.
- As to the portal, it was very powerful, if unstable. Whether this instability was due to the Mourning, the Abberant-marked man’s influence, or simply the result of a group trying to harness power it couldn’t control, is unknown. The fact that they were able to open a portal that, if even accidentally, disgorged creatures from heretofore unknown dimensions, showed impressive skill.
- As far as anyone knows, Tyrean is still embedded within the organization. His role, or the likelihood of exposure following the party’s attack, remains unknown.

The Circle of Thirteen

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