The Day of Mourning

On 20 Ollarune, 994YK, beautiful Cyre, the Purple Jewel of Galifar’s Crown, disappeared in a massive blast of arcane horror. Although what the party saw outside of Eston may have been the cause, or merely one of the aftershocks, no one now living knows the true cause of the explosion. It might have been a weapon, Cyran or otherwise. It could have been punishment from the gods or the doing of dragons. Perhaps something more malevolent and ancient stirred in Khyber below Cyre, its rest disturbed by the never-ending conflict on the nation’s fronts. Whispers raise the possibility that the warforged messiah, the Lord of Blades, caused the Mourning and plans to repeat it in the remaining nations.

Rumors still swirl that before the conflagration, Queen Dannel planned some great new offensive to save Cyre. At the time, her struggling nation still had patriots willing to fight and die for their land. Huge battles were taking place on Cyran ground when the Mourning occurred – battles that, without the Mourning, might have silenced Cyre’s ambitions forever. Some speculate that the Queen had something to do with the Mourning.

Whatever the truth, all that is left of wondrous Cyre is the Mournland. The 20th day of Ollarune is now known across Khorvaire as the Day of Mourning.

It was thought to have started near the city of Making, on what is now known as the Glass Plateau. It spread slowly enough that those living near Cyre’s borders could flee the expanding mist and magical conflagrations. More of those fleeing the disaster died than should have when the hatred fired by the Last War caused Cyre’s neighbors to refuse to help. The elves of Valenar and the goblins of Darguun treated the refugees as invaders, killing them as they ran.

Only King Boranel of Breland offered outright help. He granted Prince Oargev ir’Wynarn, son of Queen Dannel and ruler of Cyre in the years leading up to the Mourning, land for camps that eventually became New Cyre. Other survivors endure in small communities or as groups within larger settlements in Zilargo, Thrane, Karrnath, Q’Barra, and elsewhere in the world.

What else is known:
- Although the party only had a few seconds to view it, the grey mist that originated from the portal opened by the Circle of Thirteen is similar to what is currently covering the Mournland.
- However, the mist covered the nation fast enough that it is unlikely that the portal was its sole point of origination.
- The mist covers the entire nation of Cyre, ending in a hard line at its borders. It does not, however, cross into any territory taken from Cyre during the War: the goblin nation of Darguun and the elven nation of Valenar.

The Day of Mourning

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