The Last War

On 894YK, The Rise of Khorvaire came to an end with the death of Jarot, the last King of Galifar. His five children, each rulers of the Five Nations, couldn’t agree on who would succeed him, and The War began.

Alliances rose and fell over the course of a hundred years, but at various points each of the Five Nations had turned against the others. Millions died, technology advanced purely for the goal of victory (including the creation of warforged soldiers and elemental airships).

Officially, the War became the Last War in 996YK with the Treaty of Thronehold. Unofficially, the war ended on 20 Ollarune, 994YK when The Day of Mourning destroyed Cyre.

What “The Last War” means depends on who you ask. To some, it means “The Final War” or “The War to End All Wars”. To others, it simply means “The Previous War,” or “The War that Came Before the Next War”.

The Last War

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