The Mournland

For information on the Mournland pre-Mourning, please see the page for Cyre.

The Day of Mourning changed Cyre forever. Where once stood a great and beautiful nation now lies a land blasted by supernatural catastrophe. Like a festering wound, the Mournland divides the continent of Khorvaire in half. Dead-gray mist defines its borders, and within those borders the wounds of the Last War do not heal.

Thousands of soldiers lie as if they had died mere moments ago on what were once the battlefields of battered Cyre. Rampant arcane energy has mutated the monsters that live and hunt here. Those same arcane forces shape unnatural weather and deadly terrain, and sometimes take on a semblance of life itself.

The dome of the dead-grey mist that covers the Mournland causes disorientation, fatigue, and apathy. A traveler in this mist can easily become lost, despite the mist’s slightly luminous quality that bathes the Mournland in eternal twilight. The mist is not omnipresent. It forms a border area varying in width from a few hundred feet to as much as five miles.

Civilization is next to unheard of in the Mournland. Warforged, some left in the ruins of House Cannith, others deserting Fort Zombie in Karrnath, are the only ones known to have settled within the borders of the wasteland.

The party, along with Hara Drosten, were in Cyre on the Day of Mourning, and barely avoided being caught in the conflagration.

XVIII was last seen by the party in the now-ruined city of Eston, and may still be his current location.

Notable Locations:

Crimson Water
The Field of Ruins
The Glass Plateau
The Glowing Chasm
Shaelas Tiraleth

The Mournland

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