The Rise of Khorvaire

Hundreds of years after the collapse of the Dhakaani Empire, human refugees from Sarlona arrived on Khorvaire’s northeastern coast, led by the famous explorer Lhazaar. The humans quickly pushed inland, seizing the land from monstrous inhabitants, both civilized and wild. The remants of the Dhakaani were in no position to resist the humans.

Fledgling human nations began to appear. In central Khorvaire, five communities arose. Since that time, the central areas of Khorvaire and the collective human civilization on those lands have become known as the Five Nations. Over the years, these nations built, farmed, traded, explored, quarreled, and fought. Periodically, a great leader sought to unite the peoples under one banner, but all — even the mighty Karrn, one of Eberron’s greatest conquerors, lacked the combination of vision, force of arms, diplomacy, and luck needed to accomplish so monumental an undertaking.

One thousand years ago, a male human named Galifar succeeded where so many before him had failed. He bound the human populations into a great nation and named it the Kingdom of Galifar. For nearly a thousand years, the kingdom thrived, creating a golden age for Khorvaire. Arts, culture, scholarship, and civilization flourished. Trade routes crossed the land, sea, and air; great urban centers grew up across the continent; relations were established with Aerenal; a gateway city to the riches and mysteries of Xen’Drik, Stormreach, was founded. For hundreds of years, peace and prosperity reigned.


The Rise of Khorvaire

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