The Traveler

Alignment: Unaligned

The great trickster, the Traveler is a deity of cunning, deception, and change. The Traveler is a consummate shapechanger and master of disguises, and thus the being’s true nature is unknown – texts variously refer to the Traveler as “it” rather than “he” or “she.”

Many doppelgangers, shifters, lycanthropes, thieves, and rogues revere the Traveler, as do a few artificers who focus on the deity’s innovation and cleverness. The Traveler is sometimes called the Giver of Gifts, bot proverbs warn that one must be wary of its gifts.

Ostensibly a member of The Dark Six, the Traveler seems to have no connection, familial or otherwise, to its fellows.


- Revealing your true self is weakness. Shroud yourself in misdirection and disguise so that even you do not know what dwells in your core.

- Nothing is permanent. Ensure that change improves your lot and damages your enemies.

- The best weapons are cunning plans and intricate deceptions. Mortal minds are predictable and easily manipulated.

Chosen deity of the changeling cleric Daphne Bologna

The Traveler

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