The only true land of elves in Khorvaire, Valenar, like Darguun, was once a piece of the nation of Cyre. A number of Aerenal mercenaries who crossed the seas to take part in The Last War defended the land for decades with a ruthless efficiency before turning on their paymasters in 956YK and taking the land using an ancient elven claim. Now recognized by the The Treaty of Thronehold and ruled by the High King Shaeras Vadallia, Valenar is still mostly a collection of elvish warclans, as most elves have no desire to establish bodies of law or any cultural identity beyond their religious or martial affiliations.

In violation of the Korth Edicts, House Lyrandar maintains extensive property holdings in Valenar. One such holding is an unnamed shipyard east of Aerie that housed the secret Project Aboleth until its destruction by a group of mercenaries in 994YK.

Notable Locations:

Blade Desert


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