A recent creation in Eberron, the first warforged were created by House Cannith in 965YK to fight in The Last War. Indeed, the vast majority of warforged in the world were limited to a single purpose, and very few were found to be working in any capacity beyond combat or military support.

That changed after the the Treaty of Thronehold, which recognized warforged as sentient beings, with all rights and privileges that provides. However, the Treaty also forced Cannith to shut down their creation forges. Without them, the forges buried beneath Whitehearth and the rest of the scorched Mournland are the only means of maintaining the population.

Covered in plates of metal and stone, a warforged is built with a woody material that composes its muscular system and a series of tubes filled with a bloodlike fluid to nourish and lubricate their system. House Cannith keeps the details of their construction secret, however, so none outside of the Whitehearth knew how what these materials are or how to create them. Even fewer know how to create the essence of a warforged, who have shown an ability to think and feel beyond the capabilities of your typical homunculii, golems, or other constructs. Some wonder if these personalities are even “constructed” to begin with…

Notable warforged:

Locations: Warforged originated from the Whitehearth forges in the former nation of Cyre, and can be found anywhere within the Five Nations, more heavily where the war was at its most brutal.

Dragonmark: No dragonmark has ever been discovered on a warforged in their thirty years of existence, and House Cannith scholars do not believe that they ever will, due to their construct nature.


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