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Updates since last session (10/1/14):

- Thanks to everyone for coming to the late night session! It was fun getting back into it agaib!

- While weekends are likely out between nnow and the new year due to moving, rehearsals, and wedding, talk surfaced of a possible weeknight session in mid- November. I’ll send out some feelers after the move to find schedules.

- I won’t have many updates to the wiki beyond an adventure log, but Trevor’s posted a character bio.

- Next session you’ll be given the opportunity to shop. If anyone has any general equipment they’d like let me know and I can pull together a store list.

- I picked up a one year plus subscription to Ascendant through Obsidian Portal’s Kickstarter campaign. It won’t be starting until their new site actually goes live, but expect lots of new stuff here after that happens (as well as more sessions, since I’m going to want to take advantage of the new stuff!)

- If anyone has any other pages they would like to see, any character pages created or updated, or any bio-centric characters or wikis not associated with the first mission (Morgaine’s adopted parents, Berien’s sister, a list of Daphne’s various personae) let me know and I’ll do my best to pull something together. I will, of course, debrief you on any information you could provide before I make up my own information. Additionally, you should all have access to creating your own wiki pages, so if you would like to create a wiki or NPC related to your own character’s history, you’re more than welcome.

- I think we’ve hit a point now where everyone’s bios are either decided (for Berien & Morgaine) or purposefully vague/mysterious, but if anyone would still like some help on building a history, let me know and I can provide some suggestions for birthplaces, homelands, etc.

The Last Days

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