Tag: Cyre


  • Cyre

    Once known as the Purple Jewel in [[Galifar]]'s Crown, a beautiful and artistically-advanced nation, Cyre became a major battleground in [[The Last War | the Last War]]. Bordering [[Breland]], [[Thrane]], and [[Karrnath]], the once-glistening country …

  • Eston

    A successful mining settlement as well as [[Cyre]]'s largest port city, Eston is also considered [[House Cannith]]'s base of operations, as well as the location of many of its largest forges. Eston is the final destination of the party, where [[: …

  • Saerun

    Formerly a city in [[Cyre]], and the adopted home of [[:hara-drosten | Hara Drosten]], the remnants of Saerun now sit in the nation of [[Darguun]], captured and pillaged during the goblin uprising.

  • Tsunami

    Very little is known about the man codenamed Tsunami, and that's just the way he likes it. A gray and rumpled man representing the nation of [[Cyre]], Tsunami invites the group of adventurers to [[Skairn]] and offers them their first job together: …