Tag: Making


  • House Cannith

    Dragonmark: [[Mark of Making]] Race: [[Humans | Human]] Home to the greatest artificers and inventors in the world, House Cannith are the creators the [[Warforged | warforged]], [[Elemental Airship | airships]] (with [[House Lyrandar | Lyrandar]]) and …

  • Mark of Making

    Construction comes easily to those bearing the Mark of Making, as do creating alchemical and magical items. Notable Marked: [[:tyrean | Tyrean d'Cannith]]

  • Tyrean d'Cannith

    The man calling himself Tyrean d'Cannith is an elderly artificer who is allegedly a member of [[House Cannith]]. "Calling himself" and "Allegedly" because, despite extensive investigation on the part of Tyrean's protege, [[:berien-collier | Berien …