Main Characters

The Heroes:
Berien Collier: Orphaned farm boy under the arcanic tutelage of a Cannith master.

Daphne Bologna: Traveler-worshipping changeling with something to hide.

Kadentoma Stormhorn: Dragonborn shaman of Q’Barra and student of the Draconic Prophecy.

Morgaine Boushant: Stormmarked half-elf pirate using her second chance to search for answers.

Zatz: Feral Scribemarked gnome who knows more than he realizes.

Their Allies:

Cirie: Elven ranger taken down by a yeti ambush. Location currently unknown.

XVIII: Warforged amnesiac with a unique design. Last known location: deactivated and in the care of House Cannith in Eston.

Dorn: Half-orc Findmark of House Tharashk with her own reasons for helping the party. Last seen in Eston, current location unknown.

Gurrp: Orc miner and sailor with a love of hats.

Hara Drosten: The Winged Flame. Old wizard who recruited the party to fight the Circle of Thirteen.

Koulton Brightwind: Rebellious Sea Prince who wants to take House Lyrandar down a peg.

Tyrean d’Cannith: Berien’s master in the arcane arts, has gone underground with the Circle of Thirteen to assist in finding answers for his apprentice.

Other Notables:
Elster Arroway: Late captain of the elemental galleon The Archer’s Poise.

Szartharrax: Fledgling white dragon defeated by the party.

Tsunami: Mysterious benefactor for the group’s first mission.

Main Characters

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