Project Aboleth

A secret project being undertaken by House Lyrandar, its disruption, as well as the comandeering of the project’s blueprints, was the primary goal of the group’s first mission.

Project Lyrandar involved the creation, production, and distribution of a new type of elemental sea vessel. This vessel is unique in that it is the first known in Eberron with the ability to submerge beneath the water for long periods of time, and also to attack surface vessels undetected.

Lyrandar undertook the project without the assistance of House Cannith or the nation of Zilargo, which is rare considering Cannith is the masters of production in Khorvaire and the elemental binding process is Zilargo’s realm. Therefore it is assumed that Lyrandar used stolen technology or plans, and the two groups want those plans back.

The base of operations for Project Aboleth was a converted shipyard off the east coast of Valenar, near the city of Aerie. Lyrandar has created considerable controversy among the Houses regarding their relationship with the elven nation, and this friendly situation has allowed them to construct this facility without any interference from Valenar. This facility was destroyed by the party, along with the three prototype submersibles located within.

With the assistance of House Tharashk, Lyrandar amassed great quantities of Khyber dragonshards for the project from a mining operation on Turnabout Island in Lhazaar. Aboleth was the first elemental vehicle to require multiple classes of elemental (water for propulsion, air for life support), and Turnabout was one of the few locations that contained the specific Shards required for this type of project. This mining operation was also disrupted by the party, along with the assistance of Dorn and the crew of orcs & kobolds from The Archer’s Poise.

The current status of the project is unknown. It is believed that the Aerie facility is the only one producing actual submersibles for Lyrandar, so its destruction should set them back considerably, if not irreparably. The blueprints confiscated from the facility were returned to House Cannith’s facilities in Eston, Cyre. Following the Day of Mourning, the state of these plans is unclear.

Following the Day of Mourning, the resultant destruction of Cyre, and the fragmentation of Cannith, the existence of Project Aboleth, and Lyrandar’s illegal dealings in its creation, has ultimately gone unpunished by the other Dragonmarked Houses.

Project Aboleth

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